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LBA's EMFaraCage® faraday cages are EMI and RFI shielding boxes and RF test enclosures that bring convenience to device testing. Faraday cages are ideal for isolating critical systems in high field RF environments or wherever RF ingress or egress must be minimized. Security, production testing, biomedical research and semiconductor testing are only a few of the many areas where EMFaraCage® faraday shielded enclosures are employed.

EMFaraCage® faraday cage enclosure systems are fully featured to support a wide variety of test missions. The standard faraday cages include 1 waveguide and 2 honeycomb vents. EMFaraCage® faraday cages are much more affordable than shielded room solutions and offer the convenience of portability.

Standard EMFaraCage® RF Shielding Test Enclosures
Model FC-10S FC-20S FC-30S FC-40S FC-50S
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Enclosure Size

24x30x24 in
61x76x61 cm

34x42x24 in
87x107x61 cm
36x42x30 in
92x107x76 cm
40x48x36 in
102x122x92 cm
44x54x36 in
112x137x92 cm


10 ft3
0.28 m3

20 ft3
0.57 m3
26 ft3
0.74 m3
40 ft3
1.10 m3
50 ft3
1.40 m3
Weight 55 lb
25 kg 
90 lb
41 kg
105 lb 
48 kg
135 lb
62 kg
155 lb
70 kg
Features 1 Waveguide;
2 Honeycomb Vents
1 Waveguide;
2 Honeycomb Vents
1 Waveguide;
2 Honeycomb Vents
1 Waveguide;
2 Honeycomb Vents
1 Waveguide;
2 Honeycomb Vents
Faraday Cage FC-20HD
Standard FC-10S model showing our convenient layout customization.

FC-10S EMFaracage faraday cages with fiber optic I/O


Custom EMFaraCage® Faraday Cages currently in use


Customized EMFaraCage® Faraday Cages

As customers may have specialized requirements, LBA can custom design and fabricate EMFaraCages® faraday cage enclosures that exactly suit your specific application. The photos above show just a sampling of the specialized configurations we have produced.

Shielded Rooms and Architectural RF Shielding

If your needs require solutions in addition to EMFaraCage® faraday cages, LBA has vast experience in providing EMFaraCage® shielded rooms and architectural RF Shielding. LBA will partner with you to produce the EMI RF shielding results you require!

LBA also offers RF Shielding Paints and RF Shielding Fabrics as solutions for your architectural shielding projects.

Performance Notes on EMFaraCages® Faraday Cages:

EMFaraCage® faraday cage RF test chambers provide excellent radio frequency shielding in the range of 10 kHz to 6 GHz.

The electrical field shielding is very high, down to typical AC powerline frequencies of 50 – 60 Hz but the standard aluminum EMFaraCage® faraday cage loses its magnetic shielding effectiveness at these lower frequencies. For applications requiring good magnetic shielding, options include steel faraday cage construction or providing an inner lining of material such as mu-metal.

High frequency performance is largely determined by penetrations, power and I / O provisions.

A standard shielded enclosure system is designed with wave guide below cutoff ventilation ports and fiber optic entry ports sized for maximum effectiveness below 6 GHz. LBA strongly recommends using fiber for all USB, Ethernet or other communication I / O provisions. At low RF frequencies, a system is much more tolerant of cabled connections, which will deteriorate electromagnetic shielding effectiveness.

Where RF I / O is required, systems can be furnished with specialized gland plates mounting most bulkhead connector types such as “N,” BNC and SMA. RF connectivity must be tightly controlled to ensure no ingress or egress of the very radio frequency signals the EMFaraCage® faraday cage is being employed to block.

Access panels can be equipped with viewing windows. The impact of the windows on shielding effectiveness (SE) is a function of window type, size and frequency. A typical 15 cm x 15 cm window will have little impact at 100 MHz but deteriorate SE by 20 dB or more at 6 GHz. In systems with viewing panels, the lighting option of choice is an LED wall mounted battery light.

Devices under test (DUT) powering is also an important consideration. A frequently employed option is the AC power filter. These filters have little impact on the SE through 6 GHz. The ideal situation is to use only internal batteries to power the DUT and ancillaries. DC power can also be supplied through appropriate filters.


Using EMFaracages®  for Protection Storage

Police and investigative agencies are faced with preserving and protection electronic devices or the data within them from intentional or unintentional compromise by radio frequency radiations. The LBA Technology EMFaraCage® is a convenient, radio frequency secure storage enclosure for evidence room or laboratory. It is effective against RF frequencies to over 6000 MHz, and HEMP, solar flare and power line electrical fields. The EMFaraCage® RF shielded enclosures may be configured for storage only, or with filtered power and data connections for use in evidence testing or “black hat” functions requiring isolation from external RF fields.

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