International Consultancy in  Wireless Telecommunications

International Consultancy in Wireless Telecommunications

LBA focuses the extensive international background of the LBA Group companies for your requirements. LBA has a long record of projects performed, as well as staff with significant worldwide experience. With over 60 years experience, LBA has provided services to such areas as radio and television broadcasting, military communications, cellular telephony, microwave, wireless data communications, electromagnetic compatibility, and education. Our capabilities range from business case development to technical to project management.

Typical telecommunications service areas addressed by LBA include:

• Wireless system business and technical feasibility
• Project management and support
• Wireless systems and evaluation
• Hardware design, fabricate, commission services

International Market Development Services

LBA offersmarket development services to telecommunications manufacturers and service providers. Based upon knowledge of both US and international wireless communications markets, our professionals offer counseling and assistance to companies wishing to expand their markets internationally.

As LBA Group, Inc. companies have participated in worldwide telecommunications projects, we have experienced the incredible potential that exists for US – made telecommunications products overseas, as well as the demand for telecommunications imports to the US. LBA Group focuses its resources to serve companies wishing to take advantage of these international markets. Not only does this service inject specific international expertise into your foreign marketing efforts, but expands the capability of limited client staff.


Typical of the services offered to importers and exporters are:

• Marketing research and evaluation
• Product introduction, adaptation and approval coordination
• Agent acquisition and investigation
• Counter purchase and technology transfer assistance
• Financial and insurance resource identification and negotiation
• Translate marketing, user, and service documents
• System and deployment support


International Consultancy Capabilities

The capability of LBA and our principal staff is represented by the following project examples.

Wireless system business and technical feasibility:

Cellular system design concept – Colombia
• Evaluation ofnew wireless technologiesfor commercial viability - Nigeria
 In country microwave wireless cable business case study – Uganda
• In country microwavewireless cablebusiness case study – Ethiopia

Marketing services:

• Joint venture formation for U.S. tower manufacturer - Russia
 Marketing consultants, implement launch of nationwidetower rental service – Mexico
• Marketing consultants, product introduction for cellular-basedradio system – Latin America
 Marketing consultants, product introduction for lightning protection system – Latin America
• Spanish language marketing material and websiteproduction

Project management and support:

• Multicity broadband wireless purchase specification – Nigeria
• Multiple transmission system installation and commissioning – Pacific region
• Design, fabrication, training for deployment of post-war broadcast system – Kuwait
• Design, commission lightning protection systems – Mexico
• Collaboration on cross-border university internet learning project – Mexico/US
• Collaboration ontechnical standards certificationprogram – Japan

Wireless systems technical support and evaluation:

• Survey of Gulf War damages to broadcast facilities –Kuwait
• National broadcast coverage plan - Cambodia
• Cellular system interference resolution – Venezuela
• Oilfield tankage radio data system design collaboration – Mexico
• Conceptual TV network consulting - Russia

Hardware design, fabricate, commission services:

• Design, fabricate shortwave antennas – Republic of Congo
• Design, fabricate shortwave antennas – Guatemala
• Design, fabricate high power AM antenna – Ethiopia
• Design, fabricate high power AM antenna – Nigeria
• Design, fabricate AM antenna system – Tanzania
• Design, fabricate AM antenna system – Okinawa
• Design, fabricate radio tower collocation radio tower collocation system – Mauritius
• Design, fabricate transmission system – Falkland Islands
• Design, fabricate, commission multiple transmission systems – Mexico
• Design, fabricate, commission multiple transmission systems – Venezuela
• Design, fabricate, commission multiple transmission systems – Peru
• Design, fabricate, commission multiple transmission systems – Puerto Rico
• Design, fabricate, commission multiple transmission systems – Panama
• Design, fabricate, commission multiple transmission systems – Dominican Republic
• Design, fabricate textile industry sensors, data communications – India


Cellular System Conceptual Plan


Cellular System Conceptual PlanLBA maintains broad based resources beyond its organic assets that allow it to assemble multidisciplinary teams on short notice, and can deploy its assets anywhere in the world. We also have a history of successful partnering with other companies to provide needed project resources.


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About LBA

LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.